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Car Accessories To Make Your Drive More Comfortable

DJ's LEER Truck and Auto Accessory Center in Bristol, Pennsylvania, serves the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. Our store offers car accessories, such as vent visors, truck caps, and tool boxes. Buy an aftermarket part to dress up your vehicle, and our staff will even install it for you. All of our parts are made-to-order to fit your vehicle, regardless of the year, make, and model.

Running Boards

Outfit your truck with Westin® or Luverne running boards. The length varies by the make and model of your vehicle. We have a variety of styles; choose from stainless steel or aluminum. Running boards are available in stainless steel, polished-chrome, and black.

Vent Visors

Stay a little cooler on warm, rainy days with vent visors installed along the tops of your windows. These covers from EGR, WeatherTech, and Lund® allow you to crack the window a few inches without rain getting in.

Truck Bed Covers

Customers can choose from two options to cover the bed of their truck. We sell truck caps and tonneaus to protect your truck's exterior and safely secure contents.

Truck Caps

When you want to turn the back of your truck into a sleeping or resting area on camping trips, construction sites, or drive-ins, a truck cap is a good option. These are available in fiberglass and aluminum. Customers can also pick up commercial-sized truck caps.

Red Truck Side Face / Truck with Big Wheels

Auto Repair Tools


Truck owners who prefer not to alter the profile of their trucks, but still want to protect the bed from the elements, can install tonneaus. These flat covers, made from steel, fit neatly over the sides and back of the truck body.

Ladder Racks and Toolboxes

Create extra storage space on your truck for lumber, ladders, and pipes with a ladder rack. These vary in size by the make and model of your truck. The two most popular materials for them are steel and aluminum. We have racks that can hold different weight capacities, from light loads to full capacity. We also offer aluminum and painted steel toolboxes for professional carpenters, plumbers, and general contractors.


Designed to fit the make and model of your truck, a toolbox makes for a convenient spot to hold your tools. Sizes depend on the length and width of the truck bed. These durable boxes are available in aluminum or painted steel.